7:32pm July 28, 2014

now i remember why i rarely leave voicemails

it is because i am an awkward loser

6:27pm July 28, 2014
6:22pm July 28, 2014





so, people keep asking who miranda gunner is, and i’m going to fucking tell you

you might recognize her name from the post going around with all her “funny” facebook statuses where she’s just a rude cunt to people in the comments. hilarious.

in any case, this girl constantly bullies people, tells them to kill themselves, threatens them, etc. (as shown here)

she’s homophobic, racist, and just generally a fucking awful person

she is personally responsible for the suicide of a girl in my city, bullied her and harassed her and convinced others to do the same until she fucking took her own life

i just want y’all to be fucking aware before you call her “funny” or whatever for that post of her statuses floating around

btw, her tumblr url is highmiranda 

just putting this here so you all know the truth.


I’m so sick of seeing that post and saying she funny when she’s a rude little brat

Whites do the most

6:17pm July 28, 2014

Adventures in Autistic Brains

  • me: food time! -opens fridge-
  • brain: none of this food is food
  • me: ???
  • brain: this is not food. these are merely objects.
  • me: but you were fine with this this morning
  • brain: ...
  • me: spaghetti?
  • brain: disgusted noises
  • me: um, steak? curry? crab cakes? tacos?
  • brain: -runs simulation- -reaches cooking process- ERROR ERROR ERROR
  • me: so, um
  • brain: NOT FOOD
  • me: -closes fridge and goes to cupboard-
  • brain: why are we staring at cardboard shapes when we're hungry
  • me: AUGH
3:08pm July 28, 2014



straight people are  so weird wtf like heres a drawing of two animals in love but one has eyelashes so you know these are Straight Animals


3:02pm July 28, 2014


Hey short people! Looking for a way to get taller?

Try replacing your feet with LIVE BEARS. You’ll be taller AND have two LIVE BEARS ATTACHED TO YOUR BODY.

10:37am July 28, 2014

It’s not just me, right?


Autistic Person: *doesn’t express their emotions*

Allistic Person: There’s something wrong with you!

Autistic Person: *expresses their emotions enthusiastically*

Allistic Person: There’s something wrong with you!

4:40pm July 27, 2014
hexdoll asked: Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood for the ask thing.

The first character I first fell in love with: actual queen riza hawkeye
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: hUGHES
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: ??? who does this fandom love that doesn’t deserve it ???
The character I love that everyone else hates: they don’t hate her so much as ignore her, but MEI CHANG IS MY FOREVER GIRL
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: i liked envy okay right up until they did THE THING
The character I would totally smooch: winry
The character I’d want to be like: idk how to answer this because there’s a pretty big distinction between characters that i idolize and hold dear and characters who are actually me
The character I’d slap: i’d slap envy WITH FIRE
A pairing that I love: by pairing you clearly mean polyship, so roy/riza/hughes/gracia
A pairing that I despise: pairings that are written in such a way as to ignore the existence of any of my queens and forever girls

10:33am July 27, 2014


Like, it’s totally okay if you’re not equipped to handle the issues of race and racism and colonialism and all the fuckery that follows from white supremacy and your (hopefully unintentional) place benefiting from it.

I respect your right to not have the spoons to handle shit. I respect the wisdom to realize you don’t know shit and should probably sit back and learn instead of trying to come in guns blazing, trying to take over the conversation.

No one can have a stake on every fight. No one can take each fight personally.

But don’t fucking throw us under the bus. And don’t fucking barricade yourself against criticism by flaunting your oppression credentials. Being autistic or OCD or depressed is not a fucking free pass to be a goddamn bag of racist shit. Being gay or trans or bi or poly or asexual or whatever you identify with doesn’t mean you’re automatically excused from being called out if you decide to show your racist ass in public.

I don’t care how fucking oppressed you are.

You don’t fix your oppression by shitting on a different group.

There’s no identity you can claim that gives you a free pass to be racist.

Why is this so hard to fucking understand and why are white people so fucking quick to bring up their struggles when they get called out on this shit? No one’s denying your struggles, we’re just asking you to not add to ours, you fucking jerk.

9:03am July 27, 2014


skeletons have become a meme and that means there is a meme inside you, with you at all times.